I recently read one of VJack’s posts over at Atheist Revolution about atheist bloggers who give up and quit. Maintaining a blog is a bitch. I did this one for years, then life got in the way. I took care of my grandfather while he was dying. Then I just never got back.

There are definitely days I wish I had stayed active. I have things I’d love to say about the religious world around me. I’ve taken to mostly venting on my Facebook page ( you’re still welcome to hit me up for a friend request, just send me an email).

I’ve loved seeing the growing progression of vocal atheists on the Internet and in podcasts since I started my blog back with Atheist rants.

Lately, I’ve thought about getting back into it to keep my mind off the problems I’ve been having in my marriage. Something to keep me busy and diverted. But, I do know it won’t help solve anything. Perhaps though, I will drop in once in a while.

Mitt Romney

I originally posted this before the 2008 elections.  Mitt Romney was running for the republican nomination.  I feel it bears repeating since he is running again.  All religious extremists are dangerous to our country.  Mormons are no exception:

I am pretty sure Mitt Romney doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning the republican nomination. At least I hope I am right about that. For any of my readers who have lived or live in Utah you probably know why, no matter who is elected, if a mormon is ever elected president of the US we will be in serious trouble. If they are a lay or excommunicated mormon fine, but if they are a member in good standing with a current temple recommend then their loyalties lie with their church and their god, not with the good of the people. I know this doesn’t seem to make them different from the current fundamental freaks, but if you know and understand the LDS temple endowment ceremony it IS different.

In the LDS endowment ceremony the faithful take several oaths. Among them is the “law of consecration”. The Law of Consecration requires “that you do consecrate yourselves, your time, talents and everything with which the Lord has blessed you, or with which he may bless you, to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for the building up of the Kingdom of God on the earth and for the establishment of Zion.” (Source Mormon Temples and Temple Rituals by Richard Packham).

Members will try to convince you that the law of consecration only applies to monetary belongings and is only talking about tithing and community service to “the church” (such as missions). However, when looked at closely it also states that EVERYTHING that god gives to the member (including political power) must be used to help build up “the church” and help establish Zion. Non members in Utah who have never researched “the church” will have a tendency to bitch about the fact that we live in a lds theocracy here without fully knowing that our local politicians are only living by an oath they swear in a secret, creepy, religious ceremony. They are only being good sheeple.

Now, imagine a president of the US who takes this church oath. Imagine them working for the establishment of Zion on a national level instead of just the local level they do here. Scary huh?

If he gets the nomination, I will post this again, maybe even once a week until the election.

*I will add this aside, I actually like Jon Huntsman, another running Mormon.  He was the best democratic governor we have had in Utah in a long time.  And despite the fact that he is turning more right, I have read that he doesn’t necessarily always go to his church.  He has studied other religions, and from what I saw while he was governor in Utah, he doesn’t always follow lock step with the republican party (except maybe before the election).

My Magic Panties

Today I want to talk about magic underwear.

No, I don’t mean a g-string.  Comfort before fashion.  Only granny panties on this fat ass!

I’m talking about these beauties…

Hot aren’t they?

C’mon, you all know you would love a piece of that ass.

Those, my friends, are mormon garments.  Photo courtesy of The Mormon Curtain.

They are obviously not meant to be attractive.  Members of the LDS church receive them as part of their temple endowment ceremony.  They are supposed to serve several purposes.

They are supposed to be a reminder to the faithful of their covenant with god.

They are supposed to keep the wearer modest.  Shorts can’t be shorter than the legs of the garments, and shirts should cover them.  I have seen many a young, newly wed LDS woman wearing hip hugger jeans and baby doll t-shirts.  She moves even a little and there are the garments.

They are supposed to offer protection.  Growing up I remember hearing stories of how peoples lives were saved because of the garments.  So, to all of those members who die tragically while wearing the garments, well, they can just fuck off, they didn’t qualify for the “protection”.

I know a lot of members now say though, that they only provide protection against the “temptations of satan” not actual physical harm.  That is probably because people died while wearing the garments.

The garments are available in several different fabrics, usually cotton or cotton blend.  They are mostly white with a few exceptions for military clothes.  They are the bottom most layer of clothing, which means that women must wear their bras over them.  They must be worn at all times, except to shower and during sex.  However, I have known some LDS couples who think they need to be worn during sex, especially if they are trying to get pregnant.

The garments contain several symbols stitched into the fabric. They have the compass and square. This would look like small zigzag stitching to form a “V” on the left breast and a “L” on the right breast of the garment. There is also a small stitched line at the bellybutton and the right knee.

That visual seriously makes me horny… you?

They also serve a few purposes not easily found on LDS church friendly websites.

They serve as a detectable knowledge base to those in the know.  What I mean by that is that if you know what you are looking for, you can usually spot the lines on a member.  Why is that relevant?  I have known people who have conducted interviews for jobs and based a lot of their decision making on the visuals.  The lines allow members to identify other members without having to ask them outright.

As is the case about most religious strangeness they are about control.

However, in my opinion, the most important part of the requirement of the church to make their members wear the garments is simple, money.

Only the LDS church can manufacture the garments. Only the LDS church can sell the garments.  The members have to buy them from the church.

Nice racket huh?

We will require that members wear these, to be worthy of heaven.  We will make them. You will then buy them from us.  EXCELLENT IDEA!

And that’s on top of the required 10% they must give monthly in tithes to the church.

I hope you are little bit more versed in the the mysteries of “Jesus Jammies” today.  Next time you meet a mormon, look for the panty lines.


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